Infor10 ION

Infor10 ION reuses data to power different business processes.

With a single event, such as a new customer order, ION can be configured to: seamlessly route the order to your warehouse; immediately place the same order in your data warehouse for reporting and BI; launch workflow to approve the order before it reaches the warehouse; and monitor the order for late shipments for your important customers.

ION is aimed at every Infor customer, regardless of  size or market segment they operate in. ION co-exists with other general-purpose middleware platforms (IBM WebSphere etc). ION can be used within the Infor suite of applications, as well as connecting to third-party systems, including home grown applications. Standard adapters are available for SAP, SalesForce CRM, Microsoft CRM, and more. Adapters for other common third-party applications are planned for the future.

• Out-of-the box universal connectivity for your Infor10 applications; Infor has set up an ION Factory in a low cost location to ION-enable pre-Infor10 versions of applications.

• Workflow and Event Management built-in to run and monitor your key business processes.

• Push information and actionable data automatically to the users through ION Pulse.

• Enterprise data, tasks, and alerts on your mobile device or tablet.

• Durable on upgrades, as ION is built on a business document exchange architecture.

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