Infor SunSystems™iPOS is the only procurement or spend control solution to integrate with Infor SunSystems. Critical Infor SunSystems rules are completely intertwined with the iPOS purchasing transaction. These rules include: T-codes/analysis dimension dependencies, supplier selection, budget approval and commitment accounting.

iPOS offers a single version of the truth as supplier data is held within Infor SunSystems and it provides exceptional business benefits with the lowest cost of ownership of any procurement solution implemented with Infor SunSystems.

An easy to use graphical user interface and administrator console ensures you can effortlessly take ownership of the complete procurement process.

With iPOS, you gain real-time budgetary checking and control, true accruals accounting, full commitment accounting, instantaneous posting & deep ledger integration.

iPOS also interfaces with 3rd party software such as logistic systems and the Punchout capability allows for purchasing via an external website.


• Allows rapid request and purchasing whilst preventing non-conforming behavior and inappropriate spending

• Allows shopping basket to be filled from multiple approved supplier websites (punch out), allocates items for delegated approval, sending of electronic orders and receiving of electronic invoices

• Simplifies day-to-day purchase process and provides visibility of the relevant procurement budget and spend within each step of the cycle and at a summary dashboard level

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