Query & Analysis (Q&A)

Infor Query and Analysis is a multi-language, multi-currency, dynamic set of business information tools that are used powerfully to retain an easy to use, flexible and secure system.

The module works cohesively with Microsoft Office enabling quick user adoption with minimal training and technical skills.

With use of familiar desktop applications, users can efficiently create reports that highlight trends, patterns and exceptions. With minimal IT support required, maintenance is easily carried out.

Key benefits

  • Reports can be created quickly with easy-to-use wizard functions that are integrated with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.
  • Advanced off-line capabilities with the "Slice and Dice" cube analysis function, enabling offline data analysis.
  • Report designs can be made quick and simple with the use of Ctrl-Click selection of different items from specific lists - removing the need for many hierarchies.
  • Report development and quick distribution can be simple and secure with the run-time prompt facility.
  • Managers reporting across the Intranet can make use of the browser edition and its self-service reporting functions.
  • Powerful chart functions, with "drill-through" facility for users.
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Query and Analysis