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SunSystems Optimise

If it's been a while since you implemented SunSystems (v.4, v.5 or v.6.1), it's likely that you're missing out on the functionality ​currently available and being used by your competitors. To restore your market position, optimising SunSystems will deliver the benefits you need to enhance and refresh your business processes, add efficiencies and generate cost savings.

“SunSystems Optimise” is a Review & Action initiative designed to achieve significant cost savings, improved working practices and enhanced all round performance by embracing the latest software functionality. Covering Finance, Procurement, Workflow, Time & Expense Management, Reporting and third-party software integration it provides a comprehensive review of existing processes, system set-up, software licence usage etc. carried out by our experienced SunSystems Principal Consultants. This leads to the generation of the Systems Review Report which documents current set up and provides recommendations for quick wins and medium to long term improvements. The final part of the Optimise process is the end to end delivery of the agreed strategy to generate the required improvements.

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