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SunSystems Training

So you’ve made the decision to implement or upgrade SunSystems, implementation is underway and you are shortly due to go live. So much to organise and yet often the crucial process of incorporating an end-user training strategy can be overlooked. Unless your staff are trained to operate the new software, you cannot expect to reap the full benefits of the investment.

The implementation of a training and development program provides several benefits. Training helps companies create pools of qualified replacements for employees who may leave or be promoted to positions of greater responsibility. It also helps ensure that companies will have the human resources needed to support business growth and expansion. Furthermore, training can enable a business to make use of advanced technology and to adapt to a rapidly changing competitive environment. Training can improve employees' efficiency and motivation, leading to gains in both productivity and job satisfaction.

Well trained staff can also reduce the number of calls to your SunSystems support team, sometimes up to 50% which will free the support staff to do more important work or enable you to reduce your support team.

Millennium offers bespoke training packages to best fit your organisation. These typically consist of half yearly or quarterly training sessions for up to 5 people at a time. This ensures all new and existing SunSystems users use the latest functionality correctly and efficiently, thereby eliminating the 'Chinese whispers' style knowledge transfer that is a common problem for many organisations.

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