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SunSystems Upgrade

As support is withdrawn for older versions (or there are compatibility issues with new hardware, databases, operating or communication systems), upgrading SunSystems is advisable. Infor provides full support for recent software releases, so many users of older versions are advised to upgrade and reduce operational risk.

Upgrading avoids the risk of technical incompatibility issues, unsupported software and ensures the latest functionality is deployed. This provides process efficiencies and cost savings. Integration with third party reporting software such as Cognos, Business Objects as well as Procurement, Billing, Payroll systems are key considerations for the upgrade process.

What's new in Sun 6?

Here are the features Sun 6 provides compared with previous versions:

Accessibility: The new web-based interface allows access to SunSystems from either the desktop or remotely and the new intuitive user interface provides easier navigation between components. New BI capability delivers information directly to the finance team, speeding up processes and making information readily accessible.

Speed: The unified ledger provides fast, easy access to transactions. The Infor WorkSpace interface allows access to an extended range of business solutions through a single login point, combining deep industry processes, analytics, and collaboration that help you make better and faster decisions.

Efficiency: Infor ION provides a new approach to connecting and integrating multiple applications, creating an end-to-end solution for improving the entire business process. It provides workflow and alerting capabilities, which prevent errors and addresses problems when they occur. Infor ION connects staff, applications, machines and data in real-time so they work better together.

Flexibility: A high level of configurability allows you to tailor the system to meet the precise needs of the business. It is now possible to customise forms and input screens to collect data and provide the right look and feel. By leveraging mobile technology, access is possible by iPad or other mobile devices meaning you can work wherever and whenever you want.

Upgrade Options

Like for Like

The Like for Like upgrade is a technical upgrade for clients who seek to:

•  Remain on an Infor supported version and/or

• Upgrade technology across the company and require a compatible version of SunSystems   (e.g. Windows 8/SQL2012)

This option is a stepping stone to embracing the benefits of v.6 without introducing any major changes at this time. A like for like upgrade is only possible if suitable technical infrastructure is in place (servers, operating systems, databases and associated software).


Your organisation’s needs will have changed since the original implementation, often due to increased volumes of business, more complex requirements, fiercer competitive pressures or the enforcement of tighter controls.

This upgrade solution allows SunSystems to support these changes, building on your existing investment, as opposed to the upheaval of the implementation of a completely new software solution.

A re-implementation provides the opportunity to achieve significant business and process improvements by overhauling the whole system including chart of accounts re-design.

Like for Like Plus

This option is suitable for organisations wishing to upgrade to v.6.2 but unwilling to make full use of all the new functionality now available; would also be interested in some limited systems enhancement to achieve some 'quick wins'.

Many organisations have grown and evolved considerably since first implementing SunSystems although their software configuration may remain unchanged. The Like-for-Like Plus upgrade enables SunSystems to be configured in line with the organisations new processes and structure.

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